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Commercial Designs



From designer photo shoots to retail store openings to corporate events, Jan Channon Flowers provides fresh upscale floral designs that meet your needs within your budget.  We know how to make a moderate budget look like a million bucks which makes a world of difference for your business, corporation or organization.

Give a call today (847) 945-7422 to discuss your company's floral needs, or even easier, send us an email explaining your upcoming event at janchannonflowers@gmail.com.





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Growing up in California, I watched each May as my neighborhood would burst to life with a kaleidoscope of dazzling fresh flowers. When I was a young girl, I would wake very early on Mother’s Day and carefully select the most gorgeous flowers I could find for my mom. I was always so proud of my one-of-a-kind bouquets… and luckily for me, Mom never asked where I got them! read more